Embracing the Cold

Winter came early this year, there's no doubt about it. When the first snow falls, and the temps start to drop below freezing, everyone's first instinct is to curl up under the covers, watch a few episodes (or seasons) of their favorite TV show on Netflix, and avoid going out into the frigid tundra for the next four months.  I'm as guilty as anyone else.  I'm not a fan of being cold!  However, I am a fan of being outside, the snow, and trying new things.  So, here's a reminder to put on a few extra layers, grab some friends, and embrace the cold this winter.  A couple of my suggestions:

  • Find a winter hiking trail.  Maybe even invest in snowshoes? Just remember to bundle up!
  • Learn to ski or snowboard. When I finally learned myself, it changed my entire outlook on winter.
  • Don't think you're too old for sledding.
  • Embracing winter doesn't mean you HAVE to get outside.  Head down to your local brewery or coffee shop, and play a game of cribbage with friends. 
  • Learn how to play cribbage. Trust me.
  • Sit by the fire and listen to your favorite tunes.
  • Travel.  The destination doesn't have to be super expensive, or even somewhere warm.  In my opinion, there's nothing better than snow-covered mountain tops.
  • Grab a camera, any camera, and document every moment. 
  • Enjoy time with loved ones, be smart, and be safe. 

How do you plan on embracing the cold this season?