Here's the Thing

Here's the thing. I am not a writer. Or a blogger.  But, I needed to find a way to provide something beneficial for you instead of just a pretty picture every now and again.  Because let's face it, a lot of people can take pretty pictures nowadays.  SO, I'm starting up this journal/blog/whatever you want to call it to hopefully shed some light on topics you may or may not be curious about.  Whether that's traveling tips and tricks, gear reviews, gardening, photography, craft beer; all of which I am not an expert on, but have had experiences with and can hopefully be of some help!

I think it's only fitting that if you're going to be keeping up with the random things I do in my life, you may as well get to know a little bit about me first.  So, here are 15 random facts that might help you out.

  1. I was born and raised in North Dakota, which is also where I currently live.
  3. My food needs to be spicy. Jalapeños are a must!
  4. I have watched New Girl probably seven times over. 
  5. I am an agronomist by day (agronomists are these wizards that know way too much about photosynthesis and solve problems you didn't know you had).
  6. The outdoors is where I'd rather be, which might explain my career paths and my style of photography.
  7. My favorite color is a rusty-orange.
  8. Arizona is the first place I ever traveled to and is truly one of my favorites.
  9. Traveling to New Zealand is at the top of my bucket list. 
  10. In third grade, I looked like Harry Potter (glasses and all).
  11. One day, I hope to have a farm next to the mountains (a girl can dream).
  12. I'm slightly obsessed with taking pictures of the stars.
  13. I can't resist coffee, porter and stout beer, or Mountain Dew (I like pop, don't lecture me).
  14. When I saw mountains for the first time, I thought they were actually clouds in the distance. (to be fair, it was getting dark and they were a ways away).
  15. I love making new friends (who doesn't?).

NOW. Here's the catch. Instead of me just rambling on about what I think you want to know, how about you send your questions my way? It's a win-win! Thanks for reading!