We're Moving

It's official. We're MOVING! 

In just two weeks, we will be packing our vehicles with what we can fit, and making the 22 hour drive out west.  It still hasn't hit me! My desire to move sparked in college.  I missed an opportunity to study abroad, applied to jobs across the country that I failed to land, and my love for outdoor activities like camping and hiking continued to grow.  As Taylor's college graduation date approached, and I was able to add some great professional experience to my resume, we decided now was the time to take the risk.  After some long talks and months of planning, we decided Oregon would be the next chapter of our lives.  

Since announcing the big move, I constantly get asked the question, “Well, why Oregon?” Funny thing is, I had never been to Oregon before deciding to move there.  I knew that was going to be a risk, but one that seemed worth taking.  Everyone knows Oregon for its epic outdoors appeal.  But did you know they grow a huge variety of crops? The job market, being an outdoors oriented photographer and crop consultant, sounded too perfect of a match for me. 

Making the decision to leave did not come easy.  It's incredibly bittersweet leaving the place I grew up, and being a thousand miles away from most of my family and friends.  We have had an outpouring of support from loved ones, which makes the experience equally as painful as it does exciting.  The Midwest, North Dakota specifically, will always be home

No one wants to be one of those “woulda, coulda, shoulda” kind of people.  Whether you’re ready to settle down, move back home, travel the world, or pack up your belongings and go, do so wholeheartedly and without doubt.  Book that plane ticket, ask for that promotion, and take your next step.  The outcome just might surprise you.